We was first in Italy to introduce the EPB drag technology (Earth Pressure Balance) to realize the underground lines !!

Ever since the 1970s and ’80s, the most important Italian construction companies have used our equipment to build hydraulic tunnels mechanically. During that same period, we were involved in building the Fast Rome-Florence railway line, a first step towards today Milan-Naples high speed line. They used our 80 ton, 300 kw roadheaders. That size is  normal today but was highly advanced technology in that period. Our customers have always appreciated our innovations, giving them that advanced competitive advantage both nationally and internationally. At the end of the 1980s, we were the first in Italy to use EPB (Earth Pressure Balance) digging technology to build the Genoa Underground; we introduced rapid bi-component mortar for back-grouting, technology still widely used today. In the rock digging field, we were the first in Italy to use a reamer of over 11 metres wide and a TBM gripper, equipped with an anti-backsliding system, to build 45° inclined tunnels. This technology is now used widely but is still exclusive to the companies we represent. In this new century, we can proudly say that we have successfully spread the EFB digging method to town use, thanks to our specific soil treatment products.


Anbel Srl. started operations in 1997, carrying on the activity Anbel Snc began in 1967. As exclusive Italian representatives for some important machinery and equipment manufacturers, we mainly focus our activities on tunnel excavation with TBM for any tunnel size, length or type (hydraulic, underground, railway, road). Something special we have always been able to offer our customers are our personalised solutions for all tunnel building problems. The importance of technical aspects, over commercial ones, is a fundamental feature of how we work. Something we have always guaranteed customers thanks to long term relations with our mother companies, chosen for their reliability, flexibility and  know how.